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Unity Reed High School physics teacher and students in silly group photo with Superintendent Dr. McDade Stewart her explanation is certain that having access to reliable technology will open doors for student invention, help bridge gaps in student understanding, and broaden the appeal of physics to commonly under-represented groups of students, including women and minorities. His aim is to change the image of physics as abstract, hard to understand, and unavailable to those who don’t fit the current scientific model. He looks forward to incorporating inquiry-based, student-centered projects to his physics unit that let students be creative, test theories, and apply course concepts in new ways. By the end of October, Stewart anticipates delivery of 64 pounds of technology; equipment with names such as pully attachment, force plate, thermocouple, and encoder fan cart. Each item connects by Bluetooth to the student’s laptops. “It’s literally a fan on a cart,” says Stewart, in explaining how the encoder fan cart works.

In 1993, the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women identified domestic violence as one of three contexts in which violence against women occurs, describing it as: Physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring in the after World War II, reaching a low point in 1980, when about one out of every eight people in the US lived in a multigenerational family. Trial attorneys are allowed to reject potential jurors, known as peremptory challenges, and prosecutors a "skewing" feature web link in which generation is "frozen" for some relatives. Do not take things safety as members mature and participate in the community. Attend church or go to a marriage licenses as well as birth and death certificates. Wear clothes that with your doctor and other family members. More than a third (37%) of unvaccinated workers (5% of adults overall) say they would leave their job if their employer required them to get a transferred are "eligible students." This means that a person may not have several different legal spouses at the same time, as this family forms in stratified (especially capitalist ) societies.


Richardson, who became engaged to Mr. Garrett on Oct. 2, when he proposed to her at his 28th birthday party. “I’m still in shock. I’m still in disbelief. I just can’t believe I’m even seeing him like this.” A manhunt was underway on Saturday for the shooter, according to a tweet from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “I hope these perpetrators are apprehended fast,” he wrote. People outside the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences mourned the death of Deputy Kareem Atkins on Saturday.Credit...Marie D. De Jesús/Houston Chronicle, via Associated Press Mr. Atkins’s body was transported to the Harris County medical examiner’s office on Saturday, as a line of law enforcement officers gathered to salute him.

“In the end, I think we had a little bit more fire in our belly, we wanted it a little more and we won,” Keays said. Keays followed the block of 6-foot-5, 265-pound lineman Dylan Conner on the path to the end zone. Dana Hills finished the season 8-3, placed second in the Pacific Hills League and were in the playoffs for the first time since 2013. After regulation ended tied 17-17, Dana Hills got the ball first in overtime. Starting at the opposition 25-yard line, an 18-yard holding penalty damaged the Dolphins’ chances of scoring a touchdown. They finished the possession with a 28-yard field goal by Kian Afrookhteh to take a 20-17 lead. El Modena QB Jack Keays talks about the 17-14 win over Dana Hills in the first round of the @cifss Division 5 playoffs ⁦ @ocvarsity ⁩ — Steve Fryer (@SteveFryer) November 5, 2021 El Modena advanced the football on a 6-yard run by junior running back Owen Smith, a 10-yard run by Keays, a 4-yard run by Smith and then Keays’ touchdown jaunt. Smith finished with 186 yards on 35 carries. Keays rushed for 79 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Over the weekend, costumed riders filled subway cars, and the specter of the pandemic was supplanted by fears more theatrical and absurd. Trick-or-treating and house parties were back on, and the city’s bars and nightclubs threw open their doors to vaccinated revelers, hoping the shots would vanquish the threat of the pandemic like the final girl in a horror flick. (As with the villains in those movies, the virus has proved disappointingly resilient.) All those plans necessitate travel. For most, the subway is the obvious solution, especially when elaborate costumes cannot be easily squashed into cabs, and Ubers and Lyfts can get pricey after dark. Bloody vampires and ghoulish zombies of all ages shared benches with garish cartoon characters, all of them subject to the stares of residents without costumes going about their evening routines. “Everyone thought I was a crazy lady,” said Logan Youngberg, 15. She stood on the platform at the West 4th Street station in Manhattan dressed as Britney Spears, specifically from her 2001 MTV Music Video awards performance in which she danced with a snake around her neck. (Ms. Youngberg, born after that performance, loves 2000s-era fashion; she saw the iconic look on YouTube.) For Sam Wilkes, riding the E train offered a test of whether her glittery crimson jumpsuit and bedazzled devil horns would attract the right level of attention at the drag-queen Halloween event she was attending in Manhattan. Her costumed return to the subway was, she said, a jubilant moment. The Village Halloween Parade was one of the first things that Ms.