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However, teens will not be able to access either Bitcoin or stock investing at this time, the company notes. Other features limited to users 18 and up include Borrow, Check Deposit, Paper Money Deposit and cross-border payments. The teens’ accounts are designed to be managed with parental oversight. Parents who authorize Cash App for their kids are the account’s legal owner and will be able to review their teen’s monthly activity through Statements. They’ll also be able to pause or cancel the teen’s account and Cash Card at any time. Like some other banking services aimed at teens, there are also restrictions about where Cash Card can be used, based on merchant categories. In Cash App’s case, younger teens can’t use the card at bars and clubs, liquor stores, cigar stores, hotels or other lodgings, or for lottery tickets, casinos or gambling, bail and bond payments, or car rentals. The company believes the expansion will open Cash App to a large market of new users, noting that there are approximately 20 million teens in the U.S. today, who will soon represent a greater portion of spending power in the years to come.

Cheryl Reardon To remain competitive, we also need to allow for flexibility.” In addition, Reardon says, the campus and the community still are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Allowing workplace flexibility supports employee well-being and helps employees support pressures many employees are facing, such as child care, K–12 quarantine protocols, and caring for sick family members. Read about preliminary findings from the FOW first pilot lowest price phase, which is underway and runs through Dec. 31. The university will follow this process for extending or revising current work arrangements. Supervisors will connect with employees to discuss and review their current work arrangement. Supervisors, in consultation with senior HR leaders, may then recommend changes or reference modifications to the current work arrangements or recommend they remain the same. Deans and vice presidents will review the work arrangements for their colleges and units.

“There is clearly a great need for these services in Long Beach,” the city said in its Thursday statement. A chart from a City Council agenda item related to mental health needs in Long Beach. Thursday’s announcement by MWN comes days before the Long Beach City Council is expected to hear an item agendized by 9th District Councilman Rex Richardson that recommends city staff work with the health department to determine how to establish a “more robust infrastructure for mental health services.” The item has six goals: Increase access to mental health services across the city, including for schools. Increase direct funding for mental health services. Localize and improve crisis mental health response and connection to services. Streamline the city’s processes for coordination and access to services. Expand the availability of residential care facilities and access in Long Beach. Provide more opportunities for engagement with local colleges and universities and expand opportunities for social work and nursing students. Long Beach saw over 1,000 more mental health-related 911 calls in 2020 compared to 2019, according to Richardson’s memo. The local spike mirrors a national trend: The share of adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression skyrocketed from 11% to a high of 43% during the pandemic, according to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.